Real Pool

Real Pool

Real Pool is a free pool game for Windows
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Real Pool is a free pool game for Windows.
You can play against the computer, against another player, or take a challenge against yourself.

When you choose to play against the computer, you´ll play an 8 ball match. You can choose how many frames and which type of room you want to play in, and your desired player name.

You can rotate your view moving the mouse, and that way you will position your aim to shoot, too. You fire pressing the left mouse button, and releasing it when you´ve reached the desired strength.

The rules are the ones in 8 ball match when you´re playing against the computer. When you play against other player, or taking a challenge, you can choose 8 or 9 ball rules.

You can adjust the volume (if any at all) of the music and effects, the video screen size, bpp or full screen, and one of five possibles speed of the mouse.

There´s something wrong with the ball movements. The balls keep rolling for way too much time after you hit them, as if they were alive.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s attractive and free


  • The physics of the ball movements are wrong, they keep moving for ages
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